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Flight Campaigns
In a joint effort to develop Imaging Spectroscopy (IS) expertise, to foster the use of IS data in Belgian remote sensing and to prepare the Belgian research community for the advent of APEX (, VITO and the Belgian Science Policy have organized since 2002, a yearly flight campaign with diverse airborne hyperspectral images and imaging spectrometers. More information on the previous and current flight campaigns can be found here.

APEX - Airborne Prism EXperiment
APEX is an airborne (dispersive push broom) imaging spectrometer developed by a Swiss-Belgian consortium on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA). It is intended as a simulator and a calibration and validation device for future spaceborne hyperspectral imagers.

Imaging spectroscopy (IS) is becoming a major remote sensing technique, not only internationally but also for the Belgian technology and application developers. HyperTeach, a joint project of the VITO, MUMM, RMCA and K.U.Leuven and funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office, aims at developing course material to introduce theoretically and practically to the emerging field of Imaging Spectroscopy.

Hyperspectral Research
VITO developed several environmental applications, based on airborne hyperspectral remote sensing. On the hyperspectral research - website you can find the publications about these environmental applications.

Hyressa - HYperspectral REmote Sensing in Europe specific Support Actions
HYRESSA - Towards an improved access to hyperspectral data across Europe
HYRESSA is a project investigating the user needs of the European hyperspectral remote sensing research community, especially with the advent of next-generation European hyperspectral sensors. HYRESSA explores strategies to build a Europe-wide network of hyperspectral remote sensing facilities and to coordinate a user-oriented hyperspectral remote sensing research infrastructure.
HYRESSA is a Specific Support Action supported by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme.